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Q & A
Tracie Bowman: Yes!!! It is so exciting to see something positive happening. Thank you for this !!
Rosalind Dunn: Yes 👏 . I am very excited
Grace Cerrate: Love it!!!! Can't wait!!! Hello to the skeleton staff! Can't wait to cruise with you again.
Sedat Akgun: Yes yes im so happy for the return. Welcome back Norwegian Team💪
Barb Fister: Yes --- Have sailed on several other cruise lines. NCL is by far my favorite. Love the laid back feel!!! Also, I am a travel advisor and the agents at NCL are the best!!!! Most responsive and knowlegable!
Gwendolyn B Cooper: WE are in!! Have 2 cruises booked. They’ll bring us to Platinum. With only a 4 year cruising career. And that’s including 2020!! ❤️NCL!!
Chris Schuck: I can not wait to cruise again. The cruise life life is truly the best life.
Chris Jordan: I hope German Chocolate cake is still on day 1 of cruises. Haha!!
Chris Schuck: So excited to come back. Cruising is my happy place and many others. It's time we cruise again.
Sheri Smith: Super excited to cruise again! NCL has the most amazing crew! Haven’t even thought about sailing with another cruise line!